Friday, December 21, 2012

Web surfers don’t use browser bookmarks or address bars anymore

The top 10 list of most common Internet search terms in 2012 includes four variations on “facebook.” There are only two explanations for this.
First, Web surfers either don’t want to use or don’t know how to use the address bar to type in a Web address. Second, they either don’t want to use or don’t know how to use the bookmarks function on the browser.
In both cases, they’re idiots.
Why else would someone type “” into the search window instead of the address bar? After all, typing that into the address bar takes people directly to social network Facebook instead of a list of search results.
For at least the second year in a row, “” was the eighth most common search query in 2012, according to Experian Marketing Services.
The No. 1 search term was “facebook” for the fourth straight year. YouTube was second, followed by Craigslist. The fourth and fifth most common search terms were “facebook login” and “”
Like I said, idiots.

Photo: Propaganda-style poster of social networking leader Facebook by Aaron Wood. (See article by BuzzFeed.)

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