Friday, May 17, 2013

10 celebrity-related Tumblr blogs

Continuing my tour of interesting websites, here are 10 celebrity-related Tumblr blogs.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Awesome People Hanging Out Together features photos of celebrities just casually spending time with each other like it’s no big deal.

Awesome People Reading

Awesome People Reading runs photos of celebrities reading books, newspapers, etc.

Rides a Bike

Rides a Bike features photos of celebrities and public figures riding bicycles.

Mugshot Doppelganger

Mugshot Doppelganger features 1920s mug shots merged with modern-day celebrity mug shots. The photos are the work of Michael Jason Enriquez.

Celebrity Close-Up

Celebrity Close-Up features extreme close-up photos of actors, singers and other public figures. The results are often not flattering.

Rappers Doing Normal Shit

Rappers Doing Normal Shit posts photos of rappers doing everyday things, just like you and me.

Victoria’s Secret Babes

Victoria’s Secret Babes features photos and GIFs of Victoria’s Secret models.

I Am Kelly Brook

The official Tumblr page of Kelly Brook, featuring photos of the vivacious British model.

Kate Upton

The official Tumblr page of model Kate Upton.

Rihanna Glam

Pop music star Rihanna has lots of fans on Tumblr. Rihanna Glam and Hell Yeah Rihanna Fenty are two blogs that post a lot of photos and GIFs.

Photos (from top): Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger; Mick Jagger, Catherine Deneuve and Andy Warhol; Marlon Brando reading; Grace Kelly riding a bike; Lindsay Lohan mug shot merged with 1920s mug shot; Katy Perry close up; Jay-Z on the New York subway; Candice Swanepoel; Kelly Brook; Kate Upton; and Rihanna.

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