Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 newsworthy Tumblr blogs

Tumblr is chock full of entertaining diversions. The multimedia blogging platform is the go-to site for creating Internet memes.
What follows is a list of some of those memes. Some are still active, while others have reached their end of life.

1. Texts From Hillary

This Internet meme lasted one week (April 5-11, 2012) and included just 32 posts. The blog features funny captions with pictures of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texting people from her phone.
Texts From Hillary earned a ton of recognition from the mainstream press and helped to humanize its subject by giving her a sense of humor and a certain cool factor. It even gave her 2016 presidential election hopes a boost.
Last month, Texts from Hillary was voted best Tumblr blog of 2012. (See earlier articles about the blog in Politico, ABC News, Talking Points Memo and NBC’s Today.)

2. RomCom

Another 2012 political blog, RomCom, Photoshopped Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney into the movie posters of various romantic comedies.

3. McKayla Is Not Impressed

McKayla Is Not Impressed is a good example of a blog that became an Internet meme, but continued well after its freshness date. It should have had a short, bright life during and just after the 2012 Summer Olympics.
It started on Aug. 7 with photos of a disappointed McKayla Maroney, a U.S. gymnast, Photoshopped next to a host of marvels and looking “not impressed.” It ended on Sept. 13, after 166 posts. (Two newsworthy follow-up posts came later.)

4. Predditors

An enterprising Reddit user came up with an interesting way to combat the website’s “creep shot” posters, guys who post up-skirt and down-blouse photos of unsuspecting women. She outed the men by name on a Tumblr blog called Predditors.
However, the blog is no longer available, either because its creator took it down or Tumblr decided it violated its terms. See coverage of the blog at the Huffington Post and Jezebel.

5. ‘Nice Guys’ of OKCupid

Another Tumblr blog taken down after creating a stir was ‘Nice Guys’ of OKCupid. It reprinted the dating profiles of supposedly “nice guys” who sounded anything but nice. The men all described themselves as “nice guys” but then proceeded to write about the things they hated about women.
See coverage by the Huffington Post.

6. Boys Clubs

The Boys Clubs blog shines a light on “corners of the world where women have yet to tread,” including the management ranks of Apple, Netflix, Philip Morris International, American Bankers Association, etc.
See article by the Huffington Post.

7. Tech Companies That Only Hire Men

A similarly themed blog, Tech Companies That Only Hire Men, posts the sexist employment listings of technology firms. These ads describe the male job candidate that they’re looking for.
See coverage by the Huffington Post.

8. Actual Facebook Graph Searches 

Tom Scott raised privacy concerns about Facebook’s new Graph Search feature by showing what was possible to uncover with it. He was able to search and discover “Married people who like prostitutes” and “Islamic men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran” by using the technology to search Facebook profiles.

9. The Amazing iOS 6 Maps

A website showing the many flaws of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps software.

10. White Men Wearing Google Glass

A Tumblr blog showing the demographic similarity of people who wear Google Glass.

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