Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Yahoo error messages: A portfolio of fail

Last week, I wrote about how buggy Yahoo’s core desktop services have become. I presented a collection of screenshots showing error messages I had received recently on Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News.
Today, I’ll add to the gallery of goofs with new screenshots showing fresh Yahoo error messages.
Seriously Yahoo, you need to fix these core services.

First off, the Yahoo Mail errors are continuing. A frequent one is Yahoo Mail unable to load messages.

Sometimes Yahoo Mail can’t open individual emails or attachments.

Even Yahoo Finance can’t load my stock portfolios at times.

Lately I’ve been ticked off that the Yahoo Sports widget on My Yahoo page can’t display all the teams I want to follow.
For example, one of my teams, the Washington Nationals, was playing a game the other day, but it didn’t show up on My Yahoo page.
Today it didn’t list the Nationals game or the University of Illinois football score.
What gives, Yahoo?

Photo: Yahoo ad next to the 404 feet mark in AT&T Park in San Francisco. Taken in April 2007 and posted to Flickr by JKenning.

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