Saturday, December 13, 2014

14 fun this-or-that quizzes from CollegeHumor

In April, I spotlighted 13 fun this-or-that online quizzes. This-or-that quizzes are Internet memes that compare information from two wildly different subjects that could be confused.
Lately, CollegeHumor has become the king of this kind of online fun.
What follows are 14 this-or-that quizzes from CollegeHumor.

Zapf Dingbats font character or One Direction member’s tattoo?

This quiz compares nonsensical tattoos on One Direction boys to crazy font characters from Zapf Dingbats.

Game of Thrones scene or Creed music video?

This quiz compares scenes from Creed music videos to scenes from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Town in Wales or fantasy castle?

This quiz compares the names of towns in Wales to those of fantasy castles.

NFL player or Key & Peele character?

Can you tell the difference between actual NFL Players and fake names from the Key & Peele “East-West Bowl” sketch?

Weed strain or Dubstep DJ?

Can you correctly identify which of these names are marijuana strains and which are Dubstep DJs?

Justin Bieber tweet or kindergarten classroom poster?

This quiz compares Justin Bieber’s tweeted aphorisms with the simplistic sayings on kindergarten classroom posters.

Startup, bar, or indie band?

Think you can tell the difference between a New York City startup company’s name, a bar in Portland, and an indie band? Just try.

Gap ad or stock photo?

Which of these dead-eyed monsters are attempting to sell reasonably priced wardrobe staples?

Cocktail or sex move?

This quiz compares the names of cocktails with sex moves.

Obscure poison or Chicken McNugget ingredient?

Can you guess which chemical is an ingredient in a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget and which is an extremely harmful poison?

Pokemon city or Crayola color?

Can you tell which of these you can buy more Repel in and which are colors in your crayon box?

Obscure Star Wars character or U.N. representative?

This quiz compares the goofy names of Star Wars characters with the names of United Nations representatives.

Failed NBC sitcom or reality star’s book?

This quiz compares failed NBC sitcoms with books written by reality TV stars.

Cocktail or wrestling move?

Here’s a bonus video that you can play along with.

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