Sunday, December 14, 2014

7 more fun this-or-that quizzes

Following yesterday’s list of 14 this-or-that quizzes from CollegeHumor, here are seven more fun this-or-that quizzes from other sources on the Internet.

Who said it: tech executive or evil dictator?

This quiz from the Verge compares quotes from tech executives with those of evil dictators.

Line from “The Great Gatsby” or a New York Times profile of Lena Dunham?

The Washington Post noted that the Grey Lady likes to use “flowery, excessively descriptive prose” in its profiles of actress Lena Dunham.

Hemingway or a children’s book?

BuzzFeed put together a quiz comparing lines from Ernest Hemingway books with those from children’s books.

Drug or programming language?

This quiz from Slate compares the names of drugs and programming languages?

Who said it: Justin Bieber or Johnny Manziel?

Sports Illustrated noticed that singer Justin Bieber and Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel say similar things.

Who said it: John Mayer or Pepe Le Pew?

Comedian Billy Eichner challenged actress Olivia Wilde to identify quotes as being from either singer John Mayer or cartoon lothario Pepe Le Pew. (See articles by the Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly.)

Celebrity child or Kentucky Derby winner?

Eichner quizzed Late Show host David Letterman with this challenge.

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