Thursday, December 11, 2014

Apple iOS has become like Windows Vista

Remember Microsoft’s Windows Vista? PC users hated that computer operating system in part because it kept interrupting them with annoying alerts and prompts.
Apple’s iPhone operating system lately has become like Windows Vista with all its damn alerts and prompts. Turn on your iPhone and the iOS software flashes alerts about needing to buy iCloud storage space or to reconfirm your email or iTunes password. It’s really annoying.
I don’t know why my iPhone 5S keeps asking me to type in my passwords. It should remember those after I type them in once. Maybe each iOS version install wipes out the passwords. It shouldn’t, but that’s my best guess.
Here are a few of the many iOS messages I’ve gotten on my phone recently.

Not Enough Storage.
This alert comes with a handy button to buy some iCloud storage. Thanks, but no thanks.

iPhone Not Backed Up.
I know, I know. I’ve been meaning to do that.

iCloud Backup: This iPhone hasn’t been backed up in 3 weeks.
Probably because I don’t have enough iCloud storage.

Cannot connect to iTunes Store.
Why not? I’ve got Wi-Fi and cellular data service.

Location Accuracy: Turning on Wi-Fi will improve location accuracy.
It will also drain my battery when I’m out and about. So, no.

Photo Stream cannot be accessed.
Why the hell not?

Sign in to iMessage.

Sign in to iCloud.

Sign in to iTunes Store.

Software Update.
Here we go again.

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