Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Open letter to Verizon FiOS: Stop your annoying pop-up ads

Dear Verizon FiOS:
When I turn on my television set after a long day at work, I just want to watch TV.
What I don’t want is a bunch of pop-up ads that I have to click through to get to my shows.
For instance, when I press the DVR menu button after turning on my set, I invariably get a pop up ad from your guys trying to sell me a pay-per-view movie, a more expensive tier of cable service or some router.
Let me make this perfectly clear: I’m not interested in whatever you’re trying to sell me. I just want to watch the TV service that I’m paying you for.
Most websites learned years ago that pop-up ads are super annoying. So why are you doing them now?
If you want to promote things, do so in the ad sections of the TV listings page or DVR menu. Please don’t get in the way of what I’m trying to do.
Annoyed Customer

What follows are some of the many pop-up ads I’m had to deal with lately on Verizon FiOS television.

Buy the FiOS Quantum Gateway!

Buy FiOS Quantum and get HBO free for a year!

Buy FiOS Quantum TV!
(See screenshot up top.)

Get more DVR storage with FiOS Quantum!

Buy Internet device security service!

Join the Verizon rewards program! Connect your wireless devices to the home network!

Rent “How to Train Your Dragon 2”!

Thanksgiving movie sale!

Enough already.

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