Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebrities who have quit Twitter

Yesterday the news media reported that movie director Joss Whedon and actor Jaden Smith each had quit Twitter.
It’s a common story: a celebrity gets fed up with social media because of the time suck and all the haters on the Internet and decides to quit posting. But usually those same celebrities end up crawling back to Twitter to promote their work and themselves.
(See Entertainment Weekly articles: “Joss Whedon just quit Twitter” and “Jaden Smith deletes his Twitter.”)
Singer Miley Cyrus famously quit Twitter in October 2009.
But she later returned and remains quite active on the site as @MileyCyrus.
What follows is a sampling of celebrities who have quit Twitter over the years. Most have returned. A few now have a PR person post on their behalf, such as Simon Pegg.

Celebrity Twitter quitters

Adele, singer
Alec Baldwin, actor
Ashton Kutcher, actor
Chris Brown, singer
Chrissy Teigen, model
Deadmau5, DJ and music producer
Demi Levato, singer and actress
Emma Roberts, actress
Iggy Azalea, rapper
Jaden Smith, actor
James Franco, actor
Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress
John Mayer, musician
Joss Whedon, writer-director
Kanye West, rapper
Lady Gaga, singer
LeAnn Rimes, singer
Lena Dunham, actress
Louis C.K., comedian
Lupe Fiasco, rapper
Megan Fox, actress
Minnie Driver, actress
Naya Rivera, singer and actress
Nicki Minaj, rapper
Patton Oswalt, actor and comedian
Stephen Fry, actor and comedian
William Shatner, actor
Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams

Photo: Megan Fox joined Twitter on Jan. 3, 2013, and quit five days later. “What’s the point?” she said in her final tweet.

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