Sunday, August 9, 2015

Virginia man suffers loss after crash

When my Verizon FiOS DVR crashed recently I lost a bunch of TV episodes I was saving up to binge watch.
In hindsight, the incident did me a favor. I had too many shows on my watch list anyway. I decided after the crash that any show that isn’t worth watching within a day or two of airing probably isn’t worth watching at all.
By the way, my headline is a takeoff on the Onion parody news article titled “Devastated Family Struggling To Cope After Losing Everything On DVR.”
The shows I’m axing from my watch list include AMC’s “Humans,” TNT’s “Falling Skies,” NBC’s “Hannibal” and CBS’s “Extant.” The first show didn’t grab my interest after the pilot episode and I had grown bored with the latter three.

Photo: My new DVR, the VMS 1100, for Verizon FiOS Quantum TV. I used the crash of my previous DVR to upgrade to a more capable service.

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