Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Single Flower

Here’s an eerie story.
The memorial mass for my mother-in-law, Moira (Conway) Eisele, was held today in Washington, D.C. It was a lovely service with a well-attended reception.
My wife tells me the Conways passed down some Irish folklore that said when someone died a single flower would bloom in an unusual location to let the survivors know that their loved one was looking out for them from heaven.
Well, today, in our overgrown, forested backyard a single large pink peony bloomed. We have peonies in the front yard, but they came and went three weeks ago.
We have never grown flowers out back. That area only has ground cover plants and weeds. We let it grow wild.
The pink flower stands out dramatically in a landscape of green. There are no other flowers there.
Oh, and one more thing, peonies were Moira’s favorite flower.

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