Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yahoo needs to get its act together and fix its core services

Yahoo is up for sale and executives there are probably distracted right now. But the old-school Internet company needs to buckle down and fix its core web services.
As I’ve stated on multiple occasions, I’m a longtime Yahoo user, particular Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. But they have been glitchy for some time now. (I’ve hammered Yahoo on its glitchy web services several times before, most recently last November.)
I like to keep multiple web browser tabs open and lately the one that seems to crash my browser a lot is Yahoo Finance. My browser (Firefox) will lock up and eventually I’ll eventually have to restart the application.
Perhaps it’s because Yahoo has so many apps running in the background of its webpages. Recently my Ghostery app recorded 74 advertising and analytics trackers running on a Yahoo Finance page. That’s at least double what I usually see on news websites.
The glitches I’ve encountered on Yahoo webpages include articles, stock tables and emails not loading. Sometimes the ads don’t load, but that’s just embarrassing for Yahoo.

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