Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lying click-bait articles: Dead celebrities edition

Facebook recently announced that it is going to crack down on click-bait articles in its news feed. Other websites should do the same thing with the click-bait articles in the link-sharing services they use.
I’ve written several times about the scourge of lying click-bait articles promoted by link-sharing services like Revcontent, Outbrain, Taboola and Adblade. They use attention-grabbing headlines with inaccurate photos to get curious internet surfers to click on their articles.
These are much worse than the articles Facebook is cracking down on that use language like “you’ll never believe what happened next” or “this will shock you.”
In recent weeks, I’ve been presented with promoted links to articles on dead celebrities that use photos of living celebrities. The dichotomy is designed to get people to click after they say to themselves, “I didn’t know (so-and-so) was dead.”
Revcontent is the worst offender of this shady trick. (See example at top of Robert Redford, who is still alive. In fact, his latest movie, Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon,” is opening this weekend.)
What follows are some other recent examples of lying click-bait articles that allege that living celebrities are deceased.

Actor Sean Penn is still around to annoy us.

Actress Alyson Hannigan is still bringing joy to our lives.

The fat lady has not sung yet for singer Susan Boyle.

Actor Tom Selleck and South Korean musician Psy are alive and kicking.

Actor John Goodman also is still very much alive.

Actress Melissa McCarthy lost some weight but not her life.

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Sukhbir Sekhon said...

Totally agree with you. No one else seems concerned by this. Perhaps because everybody making living off the Internet does click baiting to one extent or another.