Monday, December 26, 2016

Not Monica Lewinsky photos; they’re lying clickbait

Search for photos of former White House intern and presidential sex scandal subject Monica Lewinsky and you’ll invariably see a lot of photos purporting to show her in lingerie and disrobing. The only problem is these are not photos of Monica Lewinsky.
Those photos are of adult film actress Nikki Loren, who bears a resemblance to Lewinsky. The photos were taken for porn site Twistys.
Recently a sponsored link from Revcontent carried one such a photo with the headline “Monica Lewinsky certainly doesn’t look like this anymore.” Certainly not. Because it’s a picture of Loren, not Lewinsky.
Trying to identify Loren was difficult because there is so much misinformation on these photos online. Google and TinEye reverse image search were not helpful. I was able to identify her thanks to her lower back butterfly tattoo and the tattoo search function on the Internet Adult Film Database.
CSI, eat your heart out.

Here are three photos of Nikki Loren (including the one up top) and a lying clickbait article from Revcontent.

Photo of the real Monica Lewinsky:

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