Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Failed Promise of Digital Content: a recap, part 4

We were promised exhaustive libraries of digital content available anytime and anywhere, but those promises have come up short.
Since May 2009, I have written about the shortcomings of the internet and digital media when it comes to content – music, video, archived information, etc.
Here is an index of parts 51 to 60 of the series “The Failed Promise of Digital Content.”

Part 51: Ad avoidance trend threatens news media, TV industries
Part 52: Link rot, a problem with no end in sight
Part 53: The Failed Promise of Digital Content: A roundup of concerns
Part 54: Yahoo Finance redesign getting terrible reviews, called ‘New Coke of the Internet’
Part 55: Hey, Yahoo, fix your glitchy websites
Part 56: Disappearing websites: No permanence on the web
Part 57: Facebook and the fake news problem
Part 58: Lying clickbait part of fake news trend
Part 59: Combatting fake news, conspiracy theories and hate speech through terms of service
Part 60: Add fake videos to the list of fake things online

Photos: Memes mocking fake information online.

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