Monday, February 6, 2017

Taboola and Revcontent must hate ‘Family Matters’ actress Kellie Williams

A few days ago I reported on the potentially libelous clickbait Yahoo ran that portrayed actor Steve Zahn as a drug-crazed criminal.
That’s nothing compared to the treatment of actress Kellie Shanygne Williams, best known for co-starring on the ABC sitcom “Family Matters,” by content discovery platforms Taboola and Revcontent.
In two different sponsored articles, Williams has been implied to be HIV-positive, bankrupt and a drug-using prostitute.
Both articles feature photos of Williams side by side with a New York City prostitute named Takeesha. The clickbait article implies that the two photos are of the same person.
Williams is not identified by name and neither is Takeesha. I learned about Takeesha from a reverse image search. Takeesha was the subject of a photo essay by Chris Arnade on the underclass of a Bronx neighborhood called Hunts Point. (See article by the Daily Mail.)
The Taboola article is titled “27 celebs who’ve lost all their money & much more.” The Revcontent article is titled “19 stars who are battling HIV & you don’t know.”
Taboola and Revcontent must really hate Williams to imply that she’s diseased, penniless and a criminal.
Anything for clicks, I guess.

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