Sunday, May 14, 2017

Brigitte Bardot is definitely suitable for history books

Clickbait purveyors love to use photos of French actress Brigitte Bardot from her prime.
She’s rarely identified by name in the headlines of clickbait articles. It’s a technique designed to exploit the curiosity gap in young men who aren’t familiar with the stunningly beautiful screen star.
Often the headlines say, “Rare photos not suitable for history books.” If my history books had more smoking hot babes like Bardot, I would have paid more attention.
I’ve noted how clickbait promoters like using Bardot pictures in three other articles. (Check out “Lying clickbait: Brigitte Bardot photos were never ‘classified’”, “Lying clickbait: Pretty women as the honeypot” and “Clickbait favorites: Sexy female celebrities for sponsored articles.”)
What follows are some of the latest examples of Bardot as the honeypot for clicks.

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