Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fake planes, fake yachts, real lying clickbait

Clickbait creators HistoryInOrbit and TheBrofessional are at it again using fake photos with their lying clickbait articles.
Here are a bunch of recent examples.

A Taboola-sponsored article from HistoryInOrbit carried the headline “Russia’s new helicopter is straight out of a sci-fi film.” Well, the photo is. The clickbait post used a photo of a quinjet from the 2012 movie “The Avengers.”

Another HistoryInOrbit article titled “China’s new fighter jet looks downright insane” used a picture of a fictional fighter jet from the 2005 sci-fi movie “Stealth.” (See related article by Snopes.)

Two other clickbait articles used conceptual art of airplanes.
TheBrofessional tried to pass off one rendering as a new Chinese stealth fighter. The picture is concept art titled “Gunship” by Romanian artist Alex Ichim. (See his work on ArtStation and DeviantArt.)

The other article, by HistoryInOrbit, used artwork by Al Brady showing a biologically inspired aircraft. (See article by Gizmodo.)

Finally, an article titled “Yachts more advanced than military ships” used art of a concept yacht called Epiphany by Andy Waugh. (See article by Robb Report and Andy Waugh Yacht Design.)

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