Sunday, July 23, 2017

President Trump magazine covers, six months in

President Donald Trump just passed the six-month mark in office and the news media continue to dog him relentlessly.
Magazine covers have centered not on his policies, but mostly on scandals, such as alleged ties between the Russian government and the Trump family.
What follows is the latest in my series on Trump magazine covers since his election.

Time magazine’s May 22 cover showed Trump walking away from the camera. This photo implied that Trump is leaving and that we’re near the end of his presidency. Wishful thinking?

New York magazine’s June 26-July 9 issue used of photo illustration that depicted Trump as Richard Nixon. It was for a cover story by Frank Rich titled “How a Presidency Ends.”

The June 3 issue of Der Spiegel poked fun of Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate agreement. The cover illustration showed Trump hitting a flaming Earth golf ball with the cover line “You’re fired!”

Mother Jones presented the Russia scandal in sinister tones with its July-August cover illustration. The cover line was “The Russia Connection: Your guide to the scandal that could take down Trump.”

The Week magazine had a more playful cover on the subject for its July 21 issue. It showed Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sharing a milkshake with two straws like young lovers.

People magazine got in on the action with its July 31 cover titled “Trump Family: Secrets & Lies.”

The June 23 issue of Newsweek looked at the role Breitbart played in getting Trump elected.

The July 1-7 issue of The Economist with the cover line “Trump’s America” billed itself as “A Special Report on a Divided Country.”

New Yorker magazine treated the Trump presidency like a comedy with its May 22, June 19 and July 24 issues.

Of course, everything is a joke to Mad magazine, which featured Trump on the covers of its June, August and October issues.

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